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Hybrid Pentesting

We offer an advanced pentesting service with the implementation of a powerful and sophisticated AI, resulting in better outcomes compared to traditional pentesting approaches [White, Grey, or Black Box]

Ransomware and Malware Attack Simulation

Controlled simulation exercise in which your company will be targeted by external actors to simulate the implementation of ransomware or malware in your infrastructure

Pentesting for Complex Industrial Systems

Intrusion testing conducted on modern industrial systems aims to minimize the risk of cyberattacks in this critical sector

Metaverse Security, Blockchain, NFTs, and Smart Contracts

We take proactive measures to anticipate and protect against cyberattacks that could compromise your virtual presence and assets, ensuring the security of your smart contracts

Red Box

Our red box service offers a hybrid pentesting that simulates a simultaneous physical and external intrusion into your organization without your employees being aware of the situation. It includes all our offerings

Persistent Analysis

Powerful automated vulnerability scanner managed by our advanced artificial intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does hybrid pentesting work and what are its specific benefits compared to other forms of security Pentest?

NHybrid pentesting combines physical and external intrusion testing simultaneously within an organization. This involves simulating attacks in both the physical and virtual environments to assess the security of systems and infrastructure. The benefits of this approach include a more comprehensive evaluation of vulnerabilities, identification of potential physical and cyber weaknesses, and a deeper understanding of the organization's defensive capabilities.

2. What is Pentesting for Complex Industrial Systems, and how can you ensure the security of our critical industrial systems?

entesting for Complex Industrial Systems focuses on assessing the security of critical industrial systems such as process control, SCADA systems, or automation systems. We conduct specific intrusion tests to identify vulnerabilities and evaluate the response capabilities against attacks. We ensure the security of your critical industrial systems by identifying potential security gaps, providing risk mitigation recommendations, strengthening security policies, and advising on best practices within the industrial domain.

3. How do you protect the security of my assets and virtual presence in the metaverse?

We protect the security of your assets and virtual presence in the metaverse through the implementation of proactive security measures. We conduct security testing to identify vulnerabilities and design customized solutions to safeguard your assets. This includes the implementation of robust security protocols, advanced encryption, continuous threat monitoring, and secure access and authentication policies.

4. What proactive measures do you take to anticipate and protect against cyberattacks that could compromise my virtual assets and smart contracts?

We take several proactive measures to anticipate and protect against cyberattacks. These measures include implementing firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems, continuous threat monitoring, regular software updates and security patches, employee training on security awareness and best practices, and conducting regular security testing, such as pentesting, to identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

5. How do you conduct simulations of physical and external intrusions in my organization without my employees being aware of the situation?

Simulations of physical and external intrusions are conducted discreetly without your employees being aware of the situation. Our team of security experts uses advanced techniques and tools to simulate realistic attacks without causing disruptions to your organization's daily operations. This allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of your defenses while keeping internal staff unaware of the process.

6. What specific services do you offer to protect against ransomware and malware attacks?

We offer specialized services to protect against ransomware and malware attacks. This includes security assessments to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by ransomware and malware, implementation of security solutions such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, employee training on safe browsing and email practices, and the development of response and recovery plans for ransomware and malware attacks.

7. How would you conduct persistence analysis to identify possible persistent threats in my organization?

To conduct persistence analysis, we employ advanced detection and monitoring techniques. This involves using specific security tools and implementing real-time threat detection systems. Additionally, we perform periodic security assessments, forensic analysis, and continuous monitoring to identify potential persistent threats and take appropriate measures to mitigate them.

8. Can you provide examples of successful cases where you have protected other organizations against cyberattacks or intrusions?

yes, we can provide examples of successful cases where we have protected other organizations against cyberattacks or intrusions.For example: Rms, Proton, Bmw, Starbucks. Our track record includes successfully safeguarding organizations across various sectors, including critical industries, financial institutions, and technology companies. We take pride in our accomplishments and can share relevant success stories to demonstrate our expertise and ability to protect our clients.